The most thrilling day in Spain: El Gordo Navidad (Christmas) Lotto Day on 22 December 2020. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, and that is without doubt even better in Spain. The El Gordo Navidad has been the most popular lottery for decades. It’s one of the most celebrated traditions in Spain. ElGordo means ‘The Fat One’ in Spanish for a reason. Millions of people love to play the lotto with their family and friends. A lottery win would mean a fantastic beginning of the year! It has the largest number of prized tickets in the entire world, namely 15.304. Thus more people can win more prizes than in any draw of the world! This comes as no surprise, if you realize that 70 percent of the total revenue is given to prizes. The lottery is managed by the Spanish government, which means that it’s highly organized. Every year, El Gordo takes place on the 22 December. The day before the draw, the number of bowls and prizes are thoroughly counted and recounted. The actual draw takes place in a secure location. In the days before the draw, this place is tightly secured with interior latches. It opens the next day at 8.00 and is filled with people. The draw is broadcast on national television and is a hugely momentous occasion for millions of people. On December 22, the Extraordinary Christmas Lotto will distribute a total of 2,408 million euros in prizes, exactly 28 million more than the previous year, so those who win the ‘Gordo’ will receive 400,000 euros until the tenth, with 640 million euros. The Christmas lottery draw, to be held at the Teatro Real in Madrid on December 22, 2021, is one of the most anticipated times of the year for many Spaniards. The winners of the first prize, the ‘Gordo’, will receive 400,000 euros up to and including the tenth. Now you can play the El Gordo Christmas Lotto with LottoWorld247. Want to stand a chance of winning your share of 2,408 million euros? Click here to PLAY NOW! See More

Reasons to Love the El Niño Spanish lottery

What is the El Niño Spanish lottery?
This is the thrilling annual Spanish raffle! The next lottery draw will take place on 6 January, which is a terrific way to ring in the New Year! The raffle awards an extraordinary prize pool and features unmatched winning odds that result in 1 in every 3 players winning a prize!
Why Play the El Niño?
  • Lotería del Nino offers one of the world’s biggest prize pools with prizes totaling €700 million
  • Tickets are restricted - 100,000 tickets are printed with codes between 00000-99999
  • Each ticket is printed in 50 copies and divided into 10 shares - players can purchase individual shares or an entire ticket.
  • Loteria del Nino will award 50 €2 million jackpot prizes in the January 6th draw.
  • Incredible jackpot winning odds are 1:100,000
  • Unequalled winning odds for secondary prizes start at 1: 3
  • 17 different prize categories are available
  • More than 37,000 winning combinations exist for every ticket!
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Why are lottery agents the better choice versus a betting on a lottery outcome?

Lottery Agents are middlemen who bridge the gap between you and official lotteries by purchasing tickets on your behalf, enabling you to participate in international lotteries.
How do they work?

With multiple offices across the globe, lotto agents can easily purchase the actual lottery tickets on your behalf. For example, if you wish to buy a ticket for the USA MegaMillions Lottery, an agent in the USA will simply head out to purchase a ticket for you. The ticket will then be scanned and a copy will be sent to your account while the original is safely kept by the agent. Should you need the original tickets, the agent will happily hand it over while some may offer to claim the prize on your behalf and ensure it’s safely transferred to you.

Why Scan Your Lottery Tickets?

Scanning your Lottery Tickets provides an additional layer of security as it ensures your entry into the relevant lottery game is legitimate and belongs to you. Some lottery agents, however, do not scan your tickets for you so you’ll have to trust that they won’t claim ownership of the ticket should it be a winning one. Therefore, opt for lottery sites that offer scans for more peace of mind.

Why Do Lottery Agents Cost More?

Some lottery agents’ ticket prices will be slightly higher as they account for costs of purchasing the tickets, scanning, and safely storing them. The increase in price is generally not significant, usually a few dollars or cents. It is essentially a ‘handling fee’ for the convenience of your ticket being purchased for you. Some Lottery Agents won’t charge you this handling fee but will take a percentage of your winnings after taxes. The initial handling fee would be the best option as you could end up paying much more should a percentage of your winnings be taken.

Are Lottery Agents Safe?

Most Lottery Agents are safe to deal with but others, you may want to avoid. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the services before blindly accepting or you may end up in a situation you’d much rather avoid such as not having your prize paid out a lump sum but rather drip-fed into your account over few months. Read the fine print.

Why Choose Lottery Agents?

Simply put, Lottery Agents offer better value. In comparison to lotteries that allow you to bet on the outcome of the lottery, lottery agents are gateways to official global lotteries. While betting sites can offer prices comparable to actual retail value, you’ll have your own ticket with a lottery agent and as an official entrant, you’re guaranteed to receive your prize. While betting sites take out insurance policies, there are still risks involved as they are private companies and not a government-run lottery such as the tickets your lottery agents purchase for you. Essentially with private companies, you are taking a greater risk when it comes to having your winnings paid out.

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